Electric Bike Laws and Rules

Electric Bike Laws and Rules

We understand and encourage that you should learn about local laws, rules and regulations about electric bikes. It is a responsibility for you to do so. 

Currently most sates accept and use the 3-tier classification system to determine different ebike products. They are Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Ebikes of different classes have different configuration on Pedal Assist Sensor(PAS), Throttle, and Top Speed.


Class 1: The motor only assist you when you keep pedeling, and ceases assistance when it reaches 20 mph. These bikes are qualified to ride on bike lanes, bike paths and open roads --- anywhere that you can ride a traditional non-electric bike.

Class 2: Equipped with a throttle, no need to pedal to let the bike go. The throttle should cut off at 20 mph.

Class 3: Equipped with a speedometer, motor assist until it reaches 28mph.

Since Revibikes lineup only covers Class 2 and Class 3, we'll take a little time to explain more details on these 2 classes.

Class 2:

Predator and Rebel are by default Class 2 electric bikes. Of course you can pedal and the motor will assist you until 20 mph. But equipped with a throttle, you actually don't need to pedal to take off. Twist the throttle like riding a motor cycle, the motor will work directly. This is indeed where the fun of electric bike is. This feature is also valuable to riders who are not able to pedal because of an injury, pain or limited mobility.

Class 3:

Cheetah is the only Class 3 product among our lineup. Cheetah is capable to achive a top speed of 28mph with pedaling or throttle only mode. 


On the seat tube of each of Revi bikes, it has a little sticker marking the default classification information. However, the classification can be switched according to different speed settings. All of our models are equipped with programmable LCD display, that is to say you are able to adjust the top speed to make it fit your needs. For more information, please refer to the user's manual and LCD display manual from website: Main menu/Help Center/Setup.

Shout out to Peopleforbikes.org. They summarize and listsed all laws and regulations for different states. Click HERE to learn.



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