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2022 Cheetah Plus Cafe Racer Refreshed!

by Fia Wang 28 Jun 2022 0 Comments
2022 Cheetah Plus Cafe Racer Refreshed!

"It is able to get off gravel roads and fields with ease. It has lots of power and is fun to be able to use the hand throttle for instant take off when needed or just for fun. I mainly pedal it at level two to get exercise, but at level four or five it will make you smile." ----John Piatchek

Allow us to re-introduce our vintage style electric motorcycle, 2022 Cheetah Plus !
Refreshed and ready to take on any and all-terrain adventures in comfort and style, the upgraded Cheetah Plus has arrived just in time for summertime adventures.


While our Cheetah Plus model still has the same anatomy, components, technical specifications, and performance expectations as the Original Cheetah, there are a few highlights that make this expansion stand out:

New Color!

Are you tired of the brown color scheme?  Cheetah Plus comes in an all-black color. All-black body and black tank cover with REVI Logo, handsome with a touch of calm. 

Although we only provide black color for Cheetah Plus, If you prefer a retro brown, we also provide brown replacement accessories (tank cover/ seat/ grips) to meet your needs. Changing colors not only keeps your experience fresh, but also allows you to experience the fun of DIY. 

Adjustable Stem!

cheetah cafe racer electirc bike headlight

Cheetah plus adds adjustable stem, so that the height and angle of the handlebar can be adjustable, which can have a more comfortable riding angle for taller guys, also can ride in a more upright position.

Update KENDA Anti-puncture Tires!

Knobby, aggressive tread pattern to provide added traction around corners and while climbing. Wide tire volume brings better control and less drag, Premium rubber material with excellent puncture resistance, suitable for riding on beach, snow, rough terrain and street. it also allows you to roll over obstacles more easily with less feedback, smoothing out the trail.

Reflective strips on tires add aesthetic value and make night riding safer.

New LCD Display Firmware!

With smooth start feature. Features our backlit, full color display, the color display gives its riders their riding data and metrics right at their fingertips, from distance traveled, pedal assist level, to battery life left and now you can read error code on main screen. Click here to learn about the operation of the display.


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