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Revibikes Price Match

by Rex Zou 26 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Revibikes Price Match

Starting from Oct 27th 2020, Revibikes Official Store release price match function. On any product page, you'll see a price match button under the add-to-cart button.


By clicking the price match button, customers will be able to submit price match information.

After customer submit a request, our service team will review and approve or deny the request. To get your price match request approved, please be noted:

  • We can offer price match before purchasing, OR 30 days after purchasing. Make sure you submit a price match request within 30 days of purchasing.
  • The items should be identical in brand(revibikes or civibikes), model, color, and condition. We can't approve price match for a used bike.
  • The competitor's item shall be in stock when you request a price match.
  • The competitor's price shall be exposed to public. Buyers don't have to register or pay for any membership fees before access the price, which means our service team should be accessible for that price as well.
  • The competitor's price shall include shipping and all fees delivering to customer.

Contact if you have any question.

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