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*Each order can only apply ONE discount*


    BUY 2 GET $200 OFF

    Buy any 2 or more ebikes from our store, apply promo code: COMBO at checkout, you got $200 OFF on whole order. 


    Check Pre-Order Availability

    Go to Pre-Order from Main Menu and see all pre-order special prices. Discounts will be closed on the day we get them in stock.



    If you are close to our warehouse at 4055 E Guasti Rd., Ontario, CA 91761, schedule a onsite pickup is highly recommended. We provide test ride, tutorial before purchase, and a $100 discount on each bike.
    Contact (909)215-0665 to schedule a visit with us!
    Card, Paypal, or cash are accepted.



    We may have some used bikes and we offer different discounts depending on the mileage and condition. Usually we offer $50 discount for a less than 20 miles and no scratch. Most of time they are just out of box and did some test ride. That's all.

    All unboxed bikes will come with new charger, pedals, and everything else you find with a brand new bike in box. It's fully assemble and fine tuned. We offer the same 1 year warranty counted from the day of your purchase.

    Since they are out of box, you can only come to pick it up or if you are in Socal, we can drop off the bike at your home, which has a service fee of $50 per time.

    Chat with us to get the availability of unboxed bikes. They in and out everyday!