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Why purchase from a physical bike shop?

Although we offer several multiple instruction videos to ensure the convenience of and ease in assembling the bikes, we still believe that purchasing bikes from local bike shops directly is better practice. For years, we have been expanding our dealership network across the nation to provide customers with better experiences, regardless of the service.
There is no need for any concern regarding the assembly service when at a local bike shop. Most of the dealers who work with Revibikes have over a decade of experience in the industry. We assure you that the e-bikes sold by our dealers are perfectly tuned. You may also test-ride various models in the shop with the help of experts and professionals.
Electric bikes, like your car, need maintenance and service after certain miles of riding. Our dealers will give you suggestions when you should come back to make a full check. If anything goes wrong, they can repair it for you.
In most of the shops managed by our dealers, locks and helmets are provided. We recommend that you purchase all your needs at one stop.

What should I do if there's no dealer in my area?
• Step into a local bike shop that you trust.
• Tell the staff that you wish to purchase a Revibike.
• Let them contact us by email: or call us at (626)271-3450 after 5 PM. (Sorry, we’re currently located in China!)
• We take care of the rest.
    Difference between an online dealer and physical bike shop dealer?

    Only by purchasing from a physical store can a dealer benefit the customer through professional service. It is quite obvious that you cannot test-drive with an online dealer.