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Cheetah is most certainly one of the most exciting products that we take great pride in. It took us 2 years to develop the prototype and another whole year to establish small-scale production for the product in 2017. With more than 15 years of experience in the electric bike industry, we bring designs to life with 80% of the parts available in the open market, because we know the importance of parts accessibility and repairability. The rest of the parts have been designed and built by us from scratch to ensure the uniqueness, style, and durability of our products. Hundreds of customers have individually customized Cheetah to further enhance it, a community that we take great joy in building. Join us and make riding more enjoyable.


Cheetah Plus

Upgraded version of Cheetah, 48V 17.5ah 840Wh, full black body with leather wrapped black cover, adjustable stem, KENDA anti-puncture tire with reflective strip.

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Best of the best sellers. Equiped with 750W hub motor, the peak output is up to 1000W. The one of a kind retro design makes you the focal point when riding.

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Affordable electric mountain bike. Predator is not only qualified for all-terrain cruising, but also super fun to chanllenge any off-road bike trail. The peak output is up to 800W.

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Small but not weak. Foldable but rigid. It has the same performance as Predator, but will fit in elevator, your car's trunk and apartment. Suitable for urban travellers.

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A joy to ride, feel like a kid again haha! Love a first site.




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Los Angeles, CA


Really enjoying the bike. I’ve put 250 miles on it since I got it mid December. So far so good.


Great Bike


I have had my Cheetah model for almost six months and enjoy the bike more each time I ride...which is almost daily. It is comfortable, easy on the eyes, and lends itself to as much or as little physical input as you want. Twenty-five to Thirty mile rides are not unusual and can be tailored to your motivation.
Positive comments and lots of thumbs up happen from runners, walkers and other bikers. Get to see a lot more territory than I am accustomed to.on my conventional road bike...which I still use. I am 6’4”/210 lb. and comfort is superior on the Cheetah.
I have had no mechanical problems or issues out of the box. I bought a great rear light and some lightweight trail splash guards as accessories. This is one of the best, most useful, and fun purchases I ever made.

Jim T

A Fantastically Fun Ride by All Measures


This bike is absolutely AMAZING!!! I'm 6'00", 255 lbs. This bike fits me perfectly. The style and engineering of this bike is superior to the rest. The ride is so much fun. I feel like a kid again. The 'pedal assist' is very responsive and makes riding this bike a dream. The head light is really bright, and lights up the roadway like a motorcycle. I have ridden this bike up hills and down. It rides up hills with ease and the downhill ride is a thrill. The 'street radar' clocked me at 41 mph. WOW. The bike is heavy and stable. You don't feel the weight when you are pedaling because the Bafang motor is so responsive. This was an awesome gift from my wife and son. I am having a blast, and I LOVE this bike.


50th B-Day Gift