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Member points and referral program

by Yang Zou 03 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Member points and referral program

Revibikes has officially launched its member points and referral program. Our customers can now claim points through purchases and several other ways. These points can be collected and redeemed whenever you wish to convert a coupon for use at

    Referral Program

    We greatly value and take pride in so many loyal customers who have purchased our bikes and fallen in love with them. We hope that many of you shall recommend Revibikes to your friends and families after riding our bikes. We believe that you are more than deserving of a reward.

    If your friend purchases any bike from our official website,, using your exclusive link, they'll get $60 off their first purchase. What’s more – you, as the referrer, shall receive points worth $60. As these points can be accumulated, you may continue collecting to use them all up in a big purchase.

    How to enter

    member points and referral program

    In the bottom-left corner of our website, you may find an icon of a red gift box.

    Click on ‘Ways to Earn’ to view all the actions that can help you collect points. Click on ‘Ways to Redeem’ to convert your points in exchange for a coupon of corresponding value. The minimum redeemable amount is 100 pts, which equals $1.

    Click on ‘Refer Your Friends’ to participate in the referral program. Following the signup, you will receive an exclusive link that you can share with your friends. When they open the link, your friends will be allowed to provide their email address, to which a coupon of $60 value shall be sent. Once the purchase is made, you shall receive points worth $60 in your account.

    We hope many more customers participate in this program. Enjoy your purchase and your ride!

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