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Electric Bike Laws and Rules

by Yang Zou 24 Feb 2022 0 Comments
Electric Bike Laws and Rules

We encourage all our riders to learn more about local laws as well as the rules and regulations that pertain to electric bikes. It is our collective responsibility to do so.

Currently, most states utilize the 3-tier classification system to determine varying e-bike products. E-bikes of different classes have various configurations in terms of the Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS), Throttle, and Top Speed.

Class 1: The motor only assists you when you continue to pedal, ceasing assistance when it reaches 20 mph. These bikes are capable of traveling through bike lanes, bike paths, and open roads --- anywhere you can ride a traditional non-electric bike.

Class 2: As the vehicle is equipped with a throttle, there is no need for pedaling to let the bike go. The throttle should cut off at 20mph.

Class 3: Equipped with a speedometer, motor assists until 28mph is reached.

Since our lineup at Revibikes only covers Class 2 and Class 3, we intend to take more time and effort to explain them.

Class 2:

Predator and Rebel are, by default, Class 2 electric bikes. Although you are certainly free to use the pedal and motor assistance until 20mph, since these models are equipped with a throttle, you don't need the pedal to take off. Twist the throttle like you would ride a motorcycle, and the motor would run directly. This is, where we believe, the true fun of electric bikes lies. This feature is also valued by riders who struggle with pedaling due to injuries, pain, or limited mobility.

Class 3:

Cheetah is the only Class 3 product in our lineup. This product can achieve a top speed of 28mph, with pedaling or using the throttle-only mode. 


On the seat tube of each Revibike is a sticker that represents the default classification information, which can be switched based on various speed settings. All our models are equipped with programmable LCD; thus, the rider may adjust their preferred top speed as needed. For more information, please refer to the user manual and LCD manual from the website: Main menu > Help Center > Setup.

Shout out to, which has listed and summarized all laws and regulations across various states. Click HERE to learn more.

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