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New models under development

by Yang Zou 24 Feb 2022 1 comment
New models under development

Hi, everybody!

We are thrilled to announce that we currently have 3 brand new models under development, which will be made available before Thanksgiving. Of these is the Cheetah Mini, a badass model with a 20-inch wheel that we haven’t officially named yet. The other two are City Cruisers with 26-inch 2.5 tires. We are certain that you’ll add them to your wish lists!

This Spring, we bring you a new advanced option for lovers of Cheetah – called Cheetah Plus. This model has undergone several improvements, as listed below:

  • Kenda™ Juggernaut Anti-puncture tire with reflective strips on the side walls. This tire has a special rubber formula that can protect the inner tube from punctures.
  • Adjustable stem: we received several comments from customers, particularly tall ones, that they wished to raise the handlebar such that it wouldn’t collide with their knees when steering. With this adjustable stem, you can now raise the handlebar around 2'' high, or 2'' forward. This helps many riders to determine a more comfortable riding position.
  • A more intelligent firmware: Cheetah Plus is accompanied by an updated and fine-tuned firmware that our tech team has spent a significant amount of time and effort to perfect.

Here are some updates about the firmware:

  1. You can now read the error code directly from the main screen without having to open up deep menus.
  2. The rider can now switch between modes – ECO, NORMAL, and POWER with a single click on the power button.
  3. The slow start feature, which can be adjusted in the settings across three levels, can make the bike start up more gently and smoothly. It takes support from the controller to prevent issues of overheating. 
  4. Exterior change: A stealth thermoprint of the Revibikes triangle logo is positioned on both sides of the tank cover.

Here, you may find some early previews of the bike.

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1 comment

09 Jun 2022 Don Pfeffer

When will you have a three wheel option for those of us with balance issues?

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