Electric Bike Price Update

May 12, 2021 1 Comment

To Our Current and Future ReviBikes Customers

Due to raw material prices go up dramatically in the past few months, and the impact of 25% tariff on electric bikes, let alone the shipping cost increase, we have to announce pricing raise on all ReviBikes models, effective PST June 15. We did everything we can do to postpone to make such changes but financially we cannot withstand all these impacts.

The prices will be increased by $50-100. See below breakdown:


Price Increase








We appreciate all customers who've been very kind and patient with us. I hope this is just a temporary price change. Once any of the mentioned factor drops, we will recover to previous price.

Wish you enjoying riding Revibikes!


Co-Founder of Revibikes



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Jay Aleck
Jay Aleck

July 24, 2021

Any Cheetah dealers in the Bay Area ?

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