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Tips to Protect the Electric Bike Motor

by Fia Wang 04 Jul 2022 0 Comments
revibikes Tips to Protect the E-bike Motor

How Do You Care For An Electric Bike Motor? It is a very important question to ask if you intend to maintain the high performance of your electric bike. After all, an e-bike can save you tons of money over a long time frame if you keep it well-maintained.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss together some tips that you can take in order to maintain the efficiency of your electric bike motor.

One key component of any e-bike is the e-bike motor. It is right up there with the battery in terms of importance. This means riders should do everything possible to protect their motor and keep it in good working order. E-bike motors are one of the most expensive components on the bike and are very difficult to swap out. This difficulty alone should be incentive enough to perform routine e-bike maintenance, follow best e-bike practices, and protect the e-bike motor at all costs.

But before we start, let’s take a quick look at the types of electric bike motors so that we can determine the methods of care specific to each type of motor.

What are the main types of ebike motors? 

Mostly, the electric bike motor types are divided based on their place in the electric bike and also the way the motor works.

The first type is the Direct drive motor: it is that the motor works alone without any assistance from the gear.

The second type is Geared motor: This type is the most common type these days because the motor depends on the gearbox to increase performance and speed.

Classification of the motor according to its place in the electric bike is the most common among all bicycle manufacturers and cyclists as well.
The first type is the Hub motor: the location of the motor is in the front or rear wheel.
The second type: is the Mid-drive motor, and the location of the motor is in the middle of the bike.

Therefore, in this post, we will discuss together some tips that you can take in order to maintain the efficiency of your electric bike motor.

How Do You Care For An Electric Bike Mid-Drive Motor?

1-Keep your Motor Cleaned

All-electric bikes motors are highly sealed but the possibility of dirt leakage getting inside could happen so you must make sure to clean the outer cover of the motor from any dust. Metal rusts over time when exposed to air and moisture. The more air and the more moisture it is exposed to, the more likely it is to rust sooner.

As we discussed, e-bikes should avoid water and rain whenever possible. One way to ensure your bike stays dry is to store it inside.

You can do this by using a piece of cloth dampened with water and wiping all the dust and also making sure that all the motor connections are clean from the inside.

2-Keep your electric bike motor away from water

Revibikes e-bikes are designed to withstand some water exposure, but you are better to be safe than sorry when it comes to risking the quality of your e-bike.
There are some parts of the electric bike that are waterproof, including the motor, but this does not mean that you ride your bike in the river. Because water leakage inside the motor is very likely if you ride your bike in water.
It is also preferable to clean the motor using air pressure, not water pressure. It’s as simple as that. By leaving an e-bike in the rain or running it through deep water, you may get water inside the motor casing. Over time this will cause it to rust from the inside out and seize up when in use. Driving through a thunderstorm might be unavoidable, but you can at least cover your e-bikes with a waterproof cover and bungee straps to keep most of the rain off them.

If you do find that you have allowed too much water to penetrate your bike, dry it off as soon as possible and place it in a dry location to allow the water to evaporate from the crevices of the bike.

3-Listen to your electric motor sound

One of the ways to take care of the electric bike motor is to be able to determine whether the sound of the bike motor is a normal sound that you are used to, or there is something abnormal, so make sure that you are familiar with the sound of the motor of your electric bike.

4-Keep Your Tire Pressure Maintained

As a result of the presence of the motor inside the wheel of the electric bike, the weight of the motor increases the pressure on the tires. The lower the tire pressure on your bike, the harder the bike will have to work. This extends to the motor, battery, and brakes, on the other hand, if the air pressure is low, it may lead to the possibility of damage to the motor because the tires will It rubs against the ground more, which causes the wheels to vibrate strongly. So it must be ensured that the air pressure in the tires of the electric bike is sufficient to bear the weight of the motor.
Tires can lose air in all sorts of ways. Changing temperatures can cause the tire pressure to decrease as can frequent riding. Tires are not a perfectly airproof system, so they will naturally lose minor amounts of air over time. Check the side of your tire or the manual to find the correct PSI. Check your pressure about once a month and top it up as needed with an air pump and gauge.

5-Keep the cassette &chain & spoks lubricated

When you ride your electric bike in, you must make sure that the cassette and chain are lubricated in order to get high performance, but when you have a hub motor, the lack of lubrication may lead to the chain coming off the acetate and causing damage to the motor (in the case of the rear hub motor). You also should check the hub motor spokes and make sure that they are properly connected and also lubricate them at least twice a year. So always make sure that All parts near the motor are working fine. 


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