7 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike
Electric bikes are sometimes diminished as “cheating”. But electric bikes are growing quickly in popularity, and an accessible option that makes getting around quickly, comfortably, and affordably as easy as ... riding a bike! Whether you’re new to cycling or...
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Ebike Rebates and Incentives Programme in USA
Electric bikes have registered the spectacular growth over the past decade, benefiting from the fact that commuters and leisure riders realize the advantage of riding an e-bike; As dual-purposes transport vehicles, the e-bike plays an increasingly important role especially when...
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Cheetah Plus Release
Cheetah is our best-selling electric bike. This year, we’ve developed Cheetah Plus, a special version of our best-seller with several upgrades and improvements. Cheetah Plus is set to start shipping out from mid-June 2022. The new upgrades that set Cheetah...
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