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Revibikes Flux Vs Aventon’s Abound: Comparing Cargo

by Fia Wang 18 Oct 2023 0 Comments
Revibikes Flux Vs Aventon’s Abound: Comparing Cargo

Today we are comparing Revibikes with AVENTON, a strong competitor in the bicycle industry. Let's objectively compare Revibike's Flux and Aventon's Abound with cargo electric bicycles.

Presenting the inaugural cargo ebike, Flux, by Revibikes, embodying a blend of adaptability, functionality, and optimal performance. While delving into unexplored domains within the cargo segment for the REVI series, our team's elation knows no bounds, firmly believing in the capacity of our versatile hauler to not only bear the designated weight but also surpass expectations. With a host of innovative elements and technological advancements, alongside the integration of turn signal, maneuvering with all your cargo in tow is now an effortless feat.


Understanding the nuances of your desired ebike is crucial when seeking the ideal match. The specifications significantly influence the bike's capabilities and its alignment with your intended usage. In the realm of cargo, emphasis rests on power, components, and the myriad of potential applications. Let's delve into a comparative exploration of these transporters.

/  Flux Abound


750W (Sustained) 750W (Sustained)


15Ah (720Wh)

15Ah + 10Ah 

15Ah + 15Ah

15Ah (720Wh)

Pedal Assist

5 levels 4 levels


Cadence Torque


Thumb Throttle Thumb Throttle

Top Speed

25 MPH 20 MPH


55 Miles-105 Miles 50 Miles


Yes Yes


99 lbs 81 lbs

Carry Capacity

440Ibs 440Ibs


 7 Speed  7 Speed

Suspension Fork

Yes Yes


Integrated Front and Rear

w/ Turn Signal Functionality

Integrated Front and Rear

w/ Turn Signal Functionality

Stem Adjustable Fixed
Tire 20" x 2.4" Puncture-Resistant 20" x 2.4" Puncture-Resistant
Rear Rack Included Included
Fenders Yes Yes
Footboards Included Included





Revibikes Flux comes with 750W powerful motor, can reach a peak output of 1200W and torque of 85 Nm which is perfect for boosting up steep hills and holding speed with heavy cargo loads up to 440 lbs. The powerful motor allows you to run up to 25 mph. 

The Flux dual battery option offers powerful advantages over AVENTON's single battery. The most noteworthy thing is that our cargo bike has a dual battery option, which undoubtedly gives people more choices.The second battery is available in 10ah and 15ah two options, providing you with twice the range for extended rides, even when carrying heavy loads. No need for the second charger, one charger can charge two batteries at the same time. 

The addition of a torque sensor makes Abound a top competitor. The torque sensor activates only by registering the rider’s efforts and then matching it, as opposed to cadence that automatically produces a prescribed amount of power. 
But everything has two sides, torque sensor also has cons, you have to provide force to the pedals to engage the Abound motor. Conversely,It's easier to activate pedal assist with cadence sensors since you only have to make a few pedal rotations to get the Flux motor started.Pedaling becomes less effortful with cadence sensors as you simply have to rotate the pedals to keep the Flux motor running when you use cadence sensors. Which is better? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

In addition, the step-through frame and carrying capacity adds convenience and opportunity to accommodate all sorts of rider types. Flux has low standover height: 14", simply thread your leg through the frame. This design makes it much more convenient for individuals who may have difficulty with balance or limited flexibility.

Built For The Long Haul

Revi has developed many accessories for Flux cargo bike to meet your loading needs. A host of accessories enable you haul everything and everyone while running errands the town. Whether you're commuting to after-school pick-up, replenishing your groceries, or venturing across town, rest assured, we've got you fully covered. 
Passenger Handle Bars / Passenger Seat Pad / Passenger Back Rest / Caboose

ReasonsTo Choose Revibikes

Direct from factory to customer Without the middleman, you can get a better price. The same price means better quality.

2-Year Warranty that protects you and your ebike for the long road ahead. Our warranty system is more relaxed than the big brands, which means you can get better service.

Free Shipping on American ebike orders

30 Days Price Match We promise you can get the lowest price within 30 days. Don't worry if you're buying at the right time, you can always get the lowest price.


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