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Introducing Flux - Dual Battery Cargo eBike

by Rex Zou 21 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Introducing Flux - Dual Battery Cargo eBike

Introducing our latest innovation: Flux, the ultimate cargo bike! We're thrilled to present this game-changing addition to our product lineup, designed with versatility and sustainability in mind. Flux boasts a robust frame and a spacious cargo area, making it perfect for urban deliveries, family outings, or eco-friendly commutes.

Check more details from product page.

Key Features:

  • Front Rack & Footrest & Bamboo panels comes with bike, free of charge.
  • Full accessory series (sold separately)
  • Brake light with turning signal
  • Dual battery ready: a storage bag comes with standard bike. If customer need 2nd battery to extend range, they can remove the storage bag and replace with the battery - no balancer needed. Just 2 plugs.
  • Use one charger, plug into any battery, it can charge both.

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