Embrace arrival of Rebel and a few more models

After flowing on sea for 2 weeks, the first container of Rebel 1.0 is coming next week(25th, Apr, 2018). When we got them in warehouse, we will start shipping immediately. We got really good offer from UPS so that's why we set a competitive price including free shipping to 49 states.

If you order before 30th May, you'll get a complimentary front basket for free. The basket will be added to your package automatically when we ship out. You don't have to add any coupon code. The front basket is specially designed for Rebel, or if you have other similar size bike or ebike, it fits easily as well. After this campaign, the front basket will be sold separately at $49. It's made of Aluminum and is super rigid. 

At the end of May, we will start shipping the other 2 of our models:

  • Predator : a 26'' wheel fat tire MTB
  • Cheetah: a 26'' wheel 4.5 fat tire vintage electric bike

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