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CIVI™ Rebel 1.0 Ready to Ship out

by YANG ZOU 02 Apr 2018 0 Comments

After development of 6 months, we will get the latest Rebel 1.0 shipped out on 4th April. 


Rebel is a light weight folding electric bike can make your riding fun. With 500 Watt high speed motor, as well as 4.0 fusion fat tire, it takes you anywhere you want with top speed 22mph.  The 48 Volt 13 Amp Hour battery pack is composed of automobile-class lithium cells, which supplies 35 to 40 miles range per charge.

Rebel comes with a backlit LCD display as standard, which shows power assist level(5), speed, odo, and riding time.

Click here to view more details about Rebel 1.0

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