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How to Choose a Rack for E-Bikes?

by Fia Wang 13 Sep 2022 0 Comments
How to Choose a Rack for E-Bikes?

The advantage of an electric vehicle is that with little or no effort, the motor can take you far. Sadly, the electric motor won't help you either when you're carrying a two-wheeled generator onto the car for your next adventure. Since your e-bike is heavier than a traditional bike, which often weighs 50 lbs or even over than 70lbs. you need a rack that can support and hold your heavier machine securely.

Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the best e-bike rack for your car:







revibikes cheetah plus cheetah cafe racer vintage electric bike retro style bike beach cruiser pedal assist electric bike 48V 750W motorcycle motorbike for sale

Cheetah/Cheetah Plus

70 lbs with battery




48V 500w fat tire mountain bike electric bicycle ebike for sale commute bike


60 lbs with battery




revibikes rebel 20 inch foldable bike electric bicycle folding ebike


50 lbs with battery





Max Weight Per Bike: First you have to make sure that the maximum weight the bike rack can hold exceeds the bike weight.

Total Weight Capacity: The fact that you see three pallets on a rack doesn't always mean that the rack can carry the weight of three e-bikes. Make sure the total weight of the bikes within the acceptable weight range of the rack.

Tire size and wheelbase: Double-check your bike’s tire width and wheelbase against the rack’s maximum acceptable tire width and wheelbase.

Hitch tongue weight capacity (TWC): TWC is the maximum weight your hitch can support. The weight of your bike rack +  bikes on it can’t exceed your vehicle’s TWC.

Look at how bikes are held: Platform racks are ideal, because it handles a variety of frame styles, including a step-through frame that requires an adapter to use with a hanging rack.

Ramps: See if it comes with a ramp, ramps make loading much easier. If your rack has a ramp, you simply roll your bike onto it. So a ramp is a helpful feature for anyone, and is especially important for someone who struggles to lift and carry an e-bike. Some racks may include an integrated ramp, or you can buy a ramp as a separate accessory.

bikr rack ramp

Lock:  E-bikes aren’t cheap, so having a locking mechanism on the rack for extra safety provides great peace of mind.

Hitch racks: Roof-top racks are too hard to load; most trunk racks aren’t stout enough. E-bikes, especially those on the more affordable end of the spectrum, are considerably heavier than the traditional bicycles roof and trunk racks are typically designed to handle.

Bike attachment: A lot of platform racks have a wheel hook that clamps over the top of the tire to help secure the bike. If your e-bike has fenders, a rack with a hook might not hold it correctly. (Moving the hook in front of or behind the fender isn’t recommended.) Your better option is a rack that clamps onto the bike frame, which allows the rack to secure a variety of bikes, including bikes with fenders.

Tilt access: This common hitch rack feature lets you tip the fully loaded rack away from the vehicle so you can open up the trunk or rear hatch.Rack Loading Tips

Remove the battery: An e-bike battery weighs several pounds, so removing it will make loading easier. (REVIBIKES all models can be removable) Stowing the battery inside your vehicle helps keep it warmer, too, which is good for battery life. It also makes an e-bike less tempting to steal because a thief wouldn’t be able to easily ride it away. Before doing this, double-check your bike manual for recommendations about proper battery removal and transport.

Lift one wheel at a time: If you don’t have a ramp, load a platform rack by first lifting the front wheel of the bike into the tray. Then lift the bike’s rear wheel into the tray as you roll the front wheel forward. This technique takes a bit of practice, especially if the rack tray has cradles to negotiate.

Which bike rack is suitable for REVI Cheetah/Cheetah Plus?

In fact, just choose according to the points mentioned in the article. The wheelbase of the Cheetah/Cheetah Plus is longer than the average bike. It should be noted that the maximum wheelbase that the rack can accommodate must be longer than 57”. For the convenience of our customers, we recommend several racks from HOLLYWOOD RACKS.

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