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How to Clean Your Ebike?

by Fia Wang 06 Sep 2022 0 Comments
How to Clean Your Ebike?

When it comes to electric bikes, one question we’re often asked is, “Is the bike waterproof?” The answer is Sure, of course! At Revibikes, our E-bikes are highly water-resistant, which means you can ride in light rain, splash through a puddle, and wash your electric bike without worry. To ensure that your E-Bike lasts as long as possible, you may take a few simple measures to maintain and clean it yourself. Doing this will prevent you from having to visit your bike shop frequently. Cleaning your bike after a wet ride is vital, but it is also a good idea after a dry, dusty one.

How often should I clean my e-bike?

There is no specific answer to the subject of how frequently you should clean an electric bike; it does not only depend on its usage but also on the prevailing conditions when you do use it.

Do you use it every day? Then you’re probably going to want to clean your ebike every week. If you just ride your ebike on the weekends then you’ll only really want to clean it once a month.

The weather and condition of the trails you’re riding on will dictate how frequently you should reach for that bottle of degreaser. Whether you’re taking your ebike up a long mountain path or simply hopping on for five minutes to enjoy a ride down a city road, both will impact how often and how thoroughly you need to perform general cleaning and maintenance.

What do I need to prepare and pay attention to before cleaning?

  • When washing an E-bike, pay attention to the electrical components.
  • Turn off the E-bike before washing.
  • Ensure the E-bike battery is locked in place.
  • Make sure the cap over the charger port is secured.
  • Do not use a pressure washer to clean your bike.
  • Avoid using any strong chemical cleaners.
  • Do not wash your E-bike upside down. Flipping the bike upside down to wash it can cause water to pool in the motor and battery, causing damage.

You need to prepare:

  1. Clean rags- You will need quite a number of them for tasks involving grease, oil, and wax, as well as routine cleaning and drying.
  2. Disc brake cleaner - To properly wipe your brake disc of grease and dust.
  3. Bike degreaser - Sticky parts like your bike chain can be cleaned with a bike-specific degreaser. (avoid kerosene or turpentine). Select an environmentally friendly solvent. All solvents must be well disposed of.
  4. Chain lube - Properly lubricating your chain helps extend the life of your drivetrain. Always apply bicycle-specific lube oil to a clean chain.
  5. Your e-bike user manual - Some bikes are designed with specific instructions of usage by the manufacturer. Having your user manual handy is a good idea.
  6. A hose or a bucket of water: Water is often an effective aid when used correctly, but be cautious. Water, especially when flowing from a high-pressure hose, can cause harm to your bike's sensitive electrical component and bearing systems.
  7. Bike stand: This facilitates working on the bike at a comfortable height while you wash. It will also enable you to spin the pedals or remove the wheels, allowing you to clean all of the moving and difficult-to-reach parts.
  8. Soap or bike cleaner - You can improvise with a diluted dishwasher, or you buy a bike-specific washing liquid.
  9. Sponge and brushes - There are different sizes and shapes to reach hard-to-reach areas and remove filth that rinsing alone cannot. Old toothbrushes are ideal.

How to clean your E-bike?

  • Rinse your bike with clean water

Depending on how dirty or muddy your e-bike is, you can carefully hose it down with a low-pressure water hose, or you can pour water on it. After that you’re going to take your wet rag or sponge and wipe down the frame of your ebike. Make sure you get to the underside of the frame where dirt is most likely to gather. Here you’re going to make sure that you avoid wiping down the bottom bracket, the headset bearing and the seat post.

  •  Clean with a brush

Use your brush to clean the dirt from what are probably the dirtiest parts of your ebike, the rims and tires of your bicycles. We recommend using softer, bigger brushes for tires and rims so you can get into every nook and cranny with minimal effort. As these are the parts that come closest to the surfaces on which you ride these are going to be the ones that can get really dirty really quickly. Here you want to be careful to avoid the hub bearing and the brake pads and rotors. You’re also going to want to scrub the pedals here too. Keep soap away from the rotors and brake pads if you have disc brakes. To clean the rotors, you can use a bike-grade rotor cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

  • Clean your Chain

Apply a degreaser and turn the cranks backward to get it on all of the links. Rinse with a mild constant flow of water from the hose after about five to ten minutes. If the chain is still dirty, apply little droplets of dish soap like a lubricant, hold the chain in the rough side of your sponge, and turn the cranks many times.

  • Rinse with water and wipe dry

Once your ebike has been thoroughly cleaned you’re going to want to rinse off all the dirty soap and water. After that, thoroughly dry the bike with a bunch of clean, dry cloths,  or you can leave it outside in the sun to air-dry if you are not in a hurry to complete the after-cleaning process.

  •  Apply Chain lube

Once you’ve wiped the bike dry you’re going to want to lube the chain to prevent it from rusting. Next, take your chain lube and apply a slow but steady stream to the inside of the chain as you rotate the cranks until you’ve touched the whole chain.

With these tips, your E-bike will be looking and performing like new, and it is all beautiful and clean for your next adventure!


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