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How to Choose Bike Trailers?

by Fia Wang 08 Oct 2022 2 Comments
How to Choose Bike Trailers?

When choosing a bike trailer, first consider how you plan to use it. Do you want to haul gear for a long-distance bike tour? Carry groceries around town? Tow a child or pet to the park? Do you need a double trailer or a single trailer? Suspension or no? Should a trailer have metal wheels or plastic ones?

Whichever trailer you choose, remember that you will be towing the weight of the trailer in addition to the weight of your child or cargo.

What types of bikes can attach to a bike trailer?

Bike trailer manufacturers do a pretty good job at making sure their trailers are compatible with any type of bike that you may have. Bike trailers use a hitch arm and coupler attachment that can easily attach to any kind of bike, including road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, hybrid bikes, e-bikes, and even thru-axle disc brakes.

How do bike trailers attach to a bike?


Bike trailers either attach to the axle of the rear wheel or to your bike’s seat post.

In most cases, you’ll be able to easily attach your new bike trailer right out of the box, with all accessories included. Specifically, if your bike’s rear wheel has a standard quick-release (skewer that goes through the center of the wheel), then most trailers will attach easily to your bike. 

Some types of bikes, however, may require a simple adapter in order to attach the trailer. Typically, bikes that have thru-axle wheels may require an adapter.


In this article, we’ll cover three types of bike trailers:

Bike cargo trailers:Trailers for cargo are ideal for hauling heavy or bulky items. Some convert to wheeled carts for easy use at a grocery store.

Bike trailers for kids:These trailers give your child a comfortable place to rest on your family bike ride. Enclosed trailers can hold one or two kids who aren’t able to pedal on their own. With trailer bikes (sometimes called "tag along bikes"), a child has the option to pedal on their own.

Bike trailer for dog: A dog trailer lets you tow your four-legged friends on bike adventures.

Cargo Trailers

cargo trailer

Cargo trailer is a good helper for family travel. It is a multi-purpose small trailer, which can be used for shopping, camping, grocery shopping, setting up stalls, moving houses, etc. It can make the handling of large and heavy objects very easy. It uses wheels made of high-quality materials, which can cope with various steps, rough and complex roads. It includes a universal hitch can be attached to your bike rear wheels and help you quickly attach or detach the bike.

Cargo trailers are typically available with one or two wheels:

  • Single-wheel cargo trailers:Single-wheel trailers generally are more nimble with less drag on the road than two-wheel trailers. On technical terrain like single track, they're easier to maneuver. On a narrow track, a single-wheel trailer will roll better than a two-wheel trailer.

  • Two-wheel cargo trailers:Two-wheel trailers keep your load balanced and stable, which can make loading and unloading easy. And, you won’t have to stress about perfectly balancing your load when you’re packing. They are typically wider than single-wheel trailers so may require more room to turn.

Bike Trailers for Kids

1 and 2 Seat Lightweight, Kid Bike-Only Trailer

Bicycle trailers for hauling kids typically attach to the rear hub of your bike and allow your child to sit back and relax while you pull them along. They're a good option for kids from about 1 to 6 years old. Many offer conversion options that allow you to use them as a stroller, jogger or ski trailer.

The disadvantages of a double trailer compared to a single trailer is that it is harder to maneuver through tight spaces and it is heavier than a single. For this reason, I always recommend parents of only children to stick with a single trailer.  If you are going to be largely primarily on paved bike paths and other smooth surfaces, you can probably forgo the extra expense of suspension. A good rain cover and a sunshade are necessary. The more often you ride, and the longer you ride, the more important comfortable seats are.Need to consider whether there is enough room and offers plenty of headroom and a padded hammock seat?

Conversion kits: Many bicycle trailers for kids either come with a spare wheel so that you can convert for foot travel on the fly—no fumbling with extra parts required. Or you can buy accessories to convert the trailer from bike-towed trailer to jogger, stroller or ski trailer.

Bike Trailers for DogsBike Trailers for Dogs

If you want to get in a bike ride, but your pet isn’t up to it, you can still take them along. Your furry friend will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with shock-absorbing, rubber air-filled tires and a spacious cabin. Whether he likes the wind in his face or sitting back and chilling, the carriage has a front and a top window so they can enjoy the view or a nice breeze.

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31 Jan 2023 Javier Ruiz

I am being ignored about a problem with
Bike I bought

The rear brake rotor/disc

Is badly warped

11 Dec 2022 Stuart W. Ross

There are several Companies claiming to have successfully attach their vintage sidecars to the Cheetah. I hope that Revibikes will offer something too.

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