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Revibikes Cheetah VS Wicked Thumb Destroyer

by Fia Wang 16 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Revibikes Cheetah VS Wicked Thumb Destroyer

Revibikes and Wicked Thumb are both vintage electric bikes store, provide cruisers, retro and vintage style ebikes parts and accessories.

Wicked thumb offers customization and more color schemes but is expensive, the price around $3,500 --- $3995. If you need to customize more parts, the price will definitely exceed $4,000. The price is prohibitive for most people.

Revibikes provide basic classic style, do not support customization, the price is relatively friendly, about $2449 --- $2899. Available in both 13ah and 17.5ah battery capacities, you can get an entry level vintage bike for $2,449, the price and selection will be more friendly.

Knowing the price difference, let's look at the comparison of appearance and configuration:

        /               Revibikes Cheetah Plus Wicked Thumb Destroyer Compare
MSRP $2899 $2895
Color Black Black
Motor  750W Bafang Motor 750W Bafang Motor
Battery 48V, 17.5 Ah Samsung 48V, 17.5 Ah Samsung
Disc Hydraulic Tektro  Hydraulic Tektro 
Throttle twist throttle twist throttle
Frame Size 19.75 in (50.16 cm) 19.75 in (50.16 cm)
Speed 28MPH 28MPH
Miles 35-65 35-45+ 
Display C900E-USB  C900E-USB 
Tire Kenda Mountain antipuncture tire Black Street Tire 🌝
Reflective Strip yes no 🌝
Stem adjustable stem fixed 🌝
Display Firmware

update,riding smoother

normal 🌝


tan replacement kit

Ape Hanger/Light/rack ⭕️

From the above comparison, it is not difficult to see that the specifications are almost consistent,Revibikes Cheetah Plus is better than destroyer in detail:

  • Applied Kenda anti-puncture tire, with reflective stripe on the wall: it increases durability and safety, especially when riding on rough roads.
  • Applied adjustable stem: can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The handlebar can be pulled toward or away from the rider, as required. Moreover, it accommodates a wider range of riders now. Tall guys don’t need to worry anymore about the grips hitting their knees during steering.
  • Upgraded LCD firmware: now you can adjust the riding mode by simply turning on the power button on the control panel. Further, the error code shall show on the main screen in case of errors.
  • Added slow start feature: in the past few years, we've come across several cases where the bike, due to issues of overheating, displays an error code. With the slow start and an annually improved controller case, we can assure you that your bike shall never again be overheated. The slow start feature is adjustable on three levels (weak to strong) in the display menu. This feature also helps to maintain battery life.
On top of that, Revibikes is offering 5% off new subscriber, If you run into a store sale, then congratulations you can get a lower price. Revibikes also offers points redeem service, so you can redeem up to $200 from the points on your $2,000-plus orders toward your next purchase. Let me tell you a little secret: You can also get exclusive discounts by chatting online, try it now


revibikes cheetah cafe racer electric bikes vintage retro ebikeIn fact the Original Cheetah with brown tank cove is the best seller in Revibikes online store, classic cafe racer vintage cruiser style. The overall parameters are the same as Destroyer except for the difference of color. The price is also more competitive, 2449 (13ah) 2749 (17.5ah). Small battery option is offered, lowering the barrier to vintage adenture. 

   / Revibikes Cheetah Wicked Thumb Destroyer Compare
MSRP $2449 / $2749 $2895 🙂
Color Brown / Gray Black
Motor  750W Bafang Motor 750W Bafang Motor
Battery 13ah /48V, 17.5 Ah Samsung 48V, 17.5 Ah Samsung
Disc Hydraulic Tektro  Hydraulic Tektro 
Throttle twist throttle twist throttle
Frame Size 19.75 in (50.16 cm) 19.75 in (50.16 cm)
Speed 28MPH 28MPH
Miles 35-65 35-45+ 
Display C900E-USB  C900E-USB 


In summary, Revibikes and Wicked Thumb are both high-quality electric bikes with unique features and specifications. The choice between the two will depend on individual preferences and needs. Wicked Thumb leans more toward customers who need customization and adequate funding. Revibikes Cheetah is more democratizing and more price friendly. Of course, if you have the ability, you can customize it yourself, It will be more personal. 

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