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Cheetah Mini 20" Vintage Electric Cafe Racer Review

by Fia Wang 12 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Cheetah Mini 20" Vintage Electric Cafe Racer Review

Electrification Review reviewed the Cheetah Plus a few months ago, when Cheetah Plus cafe racer first went public, Electrified Review team liked our new Cheetah ebike very much and gave it a review, and after 500 miles they do an in-depth evaluation. Revibikes Cheetah Plus Electric Bike Review

revibikes cheetah mini cafe racer retro style electric bikes

Today they play with this little brother Cheetah mini and get more surprises. Let's dive in! 

20" Cheetah mini has all the same vibes of its older brother 26" Cheetah and Cheetah Plus.  It shinks down into a more approachable form, it is more friendly to old people and short people or ladies, looking cool and feeling good. For an starting vintage inspired electric bike, the price is also very friendly.

Besides being smaller than the Cheetah, there is another difference, and one that we think is pretty awesome. The front forks: these ones move! That’s right folks, we’ve got a suspension front fork! This is one of the biggest upgrades we were looking for when we reviewed the full-sized Cheetah.

revibikes cheetah cafe racer electric bikes cheetah mini ebike

The Cheetah Mini is rocking a Revibikes-branded 500-watt, rear hub motor. Now, it is capable of 750-watt peak wattage output.

Although officials conservatively say the top speed of Cheetah mini is 20mph, but it is capable of achieving 28MPH with pedal assistance, and 20MPH throttle only, making this a Class 3 bike. It is very surprising.

The handlebars have a slight upsweep to them, making them feel a little more ergonomic when compared with straight bars. We have an adjustable stem, with quite a good range of motion. So, this will accommodate a pretty wide rider height, as we discussed earlier. 

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