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Civibikes Name Changing to Revibikes

by YANG ZOU 24 Feb 2020 1 comment
Civibikes Name Changing to Revibikes

Dear Customers,

We are changing our brand name from CiviBikes to ReviBikes in 2020. Since we still have some bikes in stock, the shifting will take around 6 months. We will keep both names working on our website until 2021 to make sure our customers can still find us via search engines.

It won't affect warranty service on any bikes that we sold before. We take care of all CiviBikes or ReviBikes warranty. All the bikes and accessories remain the same quality and content except for the logo.

Revibikes is fully owned by Revi Mobility Inc. located in Ontario, California.

Best Rgds,

Revibikes Team

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1 comment

01 Jul 2021 Alex Archibald

I received my predator e bike today via UPS and apon assembly i noticed that the battery had came out of its box during shipping and was damaged from bouncing around in the bike box. It is significantly scratched and dented

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