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Compact Electric Cargo Ebike: Revibikes Runabout.2 VS Velotric Go 1

by Fia Wang 10 Aug 2023 0 Comments
Compact Electric Cargo Ebike: Revibikes Runabout.2 VS Velotric Go 1

Introducing the revolutionary Revibikes Runabout.2, a brand-new compact electric cargo ebike that will transform your daily commute and elevate your lifestyle. This cutting-edge utility and cargo bike redefine versatility, catering to your unique preferences and needs. Picture this: a leisurely picnic in the lush green park, an exciting camping adventure, a hassle-free grocery shopping experience, or a delightful ride with your little one. The possibilities are endless! Prepare to be amazed as we take you on a journey through innovation and utility, where perplexity and burstiness blend seamlessly to deliver an extraordinary biking experience. Say goodbye to predictability and embrace the thrill of the unexpected with Revibikes Runabout.2, your ultimate companion on every journey!

Revibikes runabout.2 step through electric bike step through city utility bike commuter ebike

Revibikes Runabout.2 VS Velotric Go 1

Model Runabout.2 Go 1
Battery 52V 15Ah 48V 14.4AH
Motor  750W (1040W peak) 500W (900W Peak )
Pedal Assist 5 Levels 5 Levels
Range 55 Miles 55 Miles
Weight 65 lbs 65 lbs
Carry Capacity 350 lbs (incl. Rider and cargo 440lbs
Brakes Hydraulic Disc Hydraulic Disc
Suspension Front Suspension Front Suspension
Drivetrain SHIMANO 7-Speed SHIMANO 7-Speed
Price $1599 $1799


Powerful Performance: 

Runabout equipped with 52V 15Ah removable battery made by Samsung, with the 750W rear geared hub motor (peaks at over 1,000W), for riders with long commutes and looking for a long-range e-bike, the 52V upgraded long-range battery gives you more juice to take you even further! 

The Velotric Go 1 boasts a 500w motor with a peak power of 900w, delivering an exhilarating ride.  Its 48v 14.4 ah battery provides ample power for your daily adventures.

Impressive Payload Capacity: 

Runabout with integrated rear rack, 

Velotric Go 1 with a payload capacity of 440 lbs (200kg), with the rear cargo load capacity of 120lbs, the Velotric Go 1 surpasses its top competitors. You can confidently carry your gear, groceries, or even your little one with ease.

Customizable Accessories: 

Add convenience to Runabout.2 with front and rear baskets, unlock the full potential of your bicycle, can expand yout bicycle's capacity. 

Tailor the Velotric Go 1 to your specific requirements by adding accessories. Whether it’s a front basket, rear basket, or a child seat, you can customize the bike to suit your needs. Velotric offers a variety of accessories to purchase on their site.

Superior Components: 

Runabout.2 comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes featuring 180mm rotors. Integrated front and rear lights enhance visibility and safety. 

In conclusion, Revibikes Runabout.2 performs slightly better and its price is also affordable. In recent months, most shoppers say that every dollar counts. When you can get a better e-bike and spend less money that certainly makes the decision easy. Hurry up and make your purchase! Order Runabout.2 Now

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