What is error 25/ error 5 mean? How to fix error code 25 on electric bike?

What is error 25/ error 5 mean? How to fix error code 25 on electric bike?

Error 25/ error 5 is an “brake switch/sensor fault. Usually this is caused by holding one of the brake levers when powering on the bike. It says most of the time the fault can be cleared by simply releasing the brake lever. Or power on the bike without holding the brake lever.

Another thing that can cause the code is the brake lever needs adjusting. What have found here is that there is a gap in the lever so the sensor isn’t in full contact, In which case the lever needs to be adjusted to close that gap. Or the possibility that one of the rare-earth magnets in the lever got dislodged during a ride or during shipping.

First, you'll need to determine which brake lever is causing the issue. The best way to do this is to unplug the brake lever wires one at a time to see which is at fault. Unplug one of them and try the bike. If the problem has gone away, then this was the cause.  If the problem persists, re-connect the first plug, and disconnect the second.

Once you have identified which connection is the source of the issue, reach out to our customer service department.You can also try the following debugging methods:

  • If motor can’t start, twist the nut outward.
  • If it doesn’t cut off, twist the nut inward.
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